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Optical Distribution Frames


Fully equipped.

This fiber optic patch panel combines clever design with quality materials in order to deliver a complete product made to ease the work of anyone who gets their hands on it.

The fibre optic panel is an essential connectivity component in all networks when proper protection of transmission infrastructure is of great importance. It is intended for quick crossing of connections between distribution points. The pefectly arranged base of the panel, in combination with a wide range of additional accessories, makes this the perfect solution for Data Center systems and wherever connection of optical fibres under difficult installation conditions is required.

Our fiber optic panels are available fully equipped with adapters, pigtails and cassettes. This considerably reduces the installation times both in existent and new newtork infrastuctures.


Main Features.

A universal housing and base that allows the drawer to be pulled out

  • the base can be removed from the ball bearing slides before installation
  • adjustable handles with a possibility of assembly on the front or back of the panel
  • a wide range of front plates for various types of adapters, prepared for lock assembly
  • rised slots in base for mounting cables and tubes with different outer diameters
  • holes in the base for one or two-point assembly of splice tray
  • front plates equipped with captive screws
  • two pull-out possibilites for the drawer: horizontal and diagonal
  • five rear cable entries
  • FRP rod termination point
  • optional patch cord organizer
  • colour: black